Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Murphy Bed Installation Service in New York City

City living is all about making it work in small spaces. But even a trip to your favorite yellow and blue Swedish big box store won't give you more room when it comes to your bed. The only way to free up that much needed for space is with a Murphy bed.You can free up floor space during the day by folding up your bed and then folding it back down at night.

WUA1Murphy beds easily store in an upright position when you finish sleeping, giving your much coveted space when you need it most. Wall beds remain particularly popular in cities that have many small apartments and condominiums--such as New York City . Some people also use them as guest beds--folding them down when they are needed and tucking them away when they aren't. The only problem is that Murphy bed installations often proves difficult and time consuming.

Homeowners frequently spend up to eight hours installing an average Murphy bed. If you make a mistake during this lengthy process, your bed could become a safety hazard. Improper installation may also result in serious wall or floor damage. To prevent such problems, many manufacturers and dealers encourage people to hire skilled installers.

The Dr. Sofa offers a professional wall bed installation service in New York City and the surrounding area. It doesn't matter if your bed attaches to the floor or the wall; we can set up a new or used Murphy bed of any type. Our experienced staff has the right training, tools and supplies to install it safely and efficiently.

The Murphy bed is a valuable piece of furniture that makes your home more versatile and attractive. Don't put it at risk by attempting to perform the installation on your own. To save time and gain peace of mind, contact Dr. Sofa today. We will supply you with a free quote and answer all of your questions about installing your Murphy bed.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

How Can I Move My Armoire in NYC?

Though they will assuredly add elegance to any bedroom, armories can become problematic when they need to be moved due to their size and shape. Usually carved from beautiful pieces of cherry, oak or pine, these gorgeous furniture pieces can be difficult to maneuver down narrow halls and through oddly angled doorways--not to mention their excessive weight. At DrSofa.com, we can efficiently disassemble armoires so that they can be transferred to the new house in a much more convenient manner.

Structural Oddities

Many armoires are top-heavy structures. Instead of moving them as they are currently constituted, most homeowners will want to take them apart without ruining any of the component parts. In nearly all instances, bedroom furniture items can be immensely difficult to dismantle. As professionals in the field, we have access to the tools and equipment that will allow us to disassemble the armoire without causing any damage.

Ornate Carvings

Many older armoires are antique items that have been passed down from generation to generation. In fact, devices that are more than a century old will often have ornate carvings in the exterior wood. Moving the armoire without first taking it apart can harm the carvings, especially if the furniture piece must be carried up or down several flights of stairs.


We can quickly disassemble armoires so that individuals can concentrate on other tasks. Once the furniture items have been moved to the final location, we'll reassemble them in the target bedroom so that homeowners can begin using them once again. While we are at it, if you would like we can restore your antique pieces to their original glory. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Who Can Move My Sofa for Me?

We all love our sofas. Whether you’re watching a movie with the family, taking a nap, or letting a friend crash for the night it pays to have a great couch. But when the time comes to move into a new place, those sofas and big furniture pieces can be a huge burden, leaving you questioning, “Who can move my furniture for me?” The couch doctor answers the question of moving heavy couches and furniture by dismantling the sofa, moving the smaller pieces, and then reassembling the couch in its new home. Disassembly and reassembly works for other pieces of furniture as well, including antiques and other prized possessions. In addition, Dr. Sofa offers refinishing, resurfacing, and even pool table refelting. It isn’t hard to understand why after ten years in business, Dr. Sofa is still going strong. If you have a move coming up and need a way to get large items through a tiny space, take a look at what the Dr. Sofa can do. You won’t regret it.
Professional Furniture Disassembly & Reassembly
Dr. Sofa utilizes professional techniques to disassemble various types of beds, sofas, tables and dressers. We then have one of our experts reassemble the furniture in your new location--just like new! Our expertise makes this the most effective and time efficient way to move your furniture.
Furniture Reupholstery, Repair and Restoration
We have years of dedicated experience repairing damaged furniture and making it look like new. From torn fabrics to broken legs, scratched surfaces to cracked leathers, we can repair and restore sofas and furniture pieces of all sizes and styles.
If your furniture is damaged, if it doesn't match your new d├ęcor or if you are just downright tired of it, don't throw it out! Let us turn your furniture into something completely new. Our trained furniture surgeons will work with you to choose the new style and fabric you will treasure just as much as you did when you first purchased your pieces! Once we are done transforming it you might not even be able to recognize your own couch!
Next time you are questioning if your furniture will fit through your door frame, just call Dr. Sofa--and let us do the dirty work for you!