Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Is Your Sofa Sagging or in Need of Repair?

When your furniture gets old, starts sagging, wears down over time or is just in need of repair, your first instinct is usually just to start shopping for new furniture. However, that can be expensive and unnecessary in many cases. What if you could renew sofa and other furniture so that it looks like new at a fraction of the cost? Whether you have wood that needs refinished, cushion stuffing that has lost its stuff, or even just a fabric that needs replaced because it is worn or torn in places, Dr. Sofa can help you with your needs. New York furniture repair and restoration services are just a phone call away!
Furniture restoration and repair starts with identifying the problems. Once the problems have been found, it’s on to figuring out the best way to fix them. From the reupholstery of a sofa to restoration of wood surfaces and furniture pieces, we can repair and renew sofa, couches, and other furniture throughout your home. Even if you’re looking for a simple custom-made slipcover, we can provide those for your furniture. Reupholstery services NYC aren’t always cheap and might not provide the services that you need, but you can trust that Dr.Sofa.com will provide you with the best repairs and restoration for affordable prices, every time.
When you need to renew old sofas, furniture pieces or other household furnishings, you can count on us to provide you with lasting results that are sure to impress. We can match designs and finishes to your current d├ęcor or create neutral pieces that you can take anywhere you go. Our services are always professional and can provide you with a great new sofa that’s just as comfortable as your old sofa, because it is your old one. We can simply make a few cosmetic changes and complete any furniture repair that you need done, and you’ll have a sofa that looks like new and feels like the furniture that you’ve always loved.
Don’t spend thousands on new furniture when you can simply touch up your existing sofa and other furniture pieces. In addition to our furniture restoration and repair services, we also offer reupholstery, disassembly and assembly of furniture, redesign services, and custom furniture building for all of our clients' needs. We can provide services all over the NYC area and beyond, so be sure to contact us to find out what we can do for you.