Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What are the Best Furniture Care Tips?

Individuals who have recently bought elegant furniture pieces will undoubtedly want to keep them in great shape through the months and years ahead. With proper care techniques, homeowners can keep their sofas, tables, chairs and beds in immaculate shape. Because furniture items can be constructed from a broad array of fabrics and woods, it is essential that individuals rely on the experts for maintenance. At DrSofa.com, we're equipped to deal with the care and maintenance of all furniture items including upholstered furniture and wood items.

Upholstered Furniture

While nearly all upholstered surfaces can be cleaned, specialized techniques will in many cases be needed. We can assess each and every fabric to ensure that shrinkage does not occur. Likewise, we can assess whether calibrated cleaning methods are needed so that colors do not bleed together. Steel brushes, for instance, can sometimes cause fabrics to fray. Dry-cleaning techniques are best used on delicate fabrics. We are also skilled at sprucing up leather, silk, glazed chintz and antique velvet.

Wood Items

Exposed wood surfaces should be cleaned on a regular basis. By using a reputable furniture polish, homeowners can eliminate dust before it begins to attract moisture. Most couches and chairs should be kept away from direct sunlight. This will protect both the wood surfaces and the soft fabrics. The ultimate goal is to keep furniture pieces in pristine shape for many years.

Manufacturer's Instructions

When in doubt, individuals should also pay particularly close attention to the instructions of the manufacturer. Some pillowcases, for example, must be washed with very specific detergents. Other fabrics may require cold water. At DrSofa.com, we perform a careful assessment of the fabric before moving forward with the cleaning process. We'll consider the fiber type, the condition of the fabric and the level of soil. Interested New York City residents can contact Dr.Sofa for a free quote.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How Can I Make My Old Furniture Look New Again?

How Can I Make My Old Furniture Look New Again?

When you notice that your furniture has nicks, tears, scratches or is worn down and looks like it has seen better days, your first thought might be that it’s time to replace it. However, if you have pieces that hold memories, or you just don’t want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars getting new furniture, there is another option. People often choose furniture restoration instead of throwing things out, and there are plenty of solutions for all of your furniture needs in New York City. NYC furniture repair and restoration services are available from Dr.Sofa, who can take care of a variety of different needs in regards to furniture repair and restoration.
Furniture restoration is available for tables, sofas, chairs, loveseats, and all types of other pieces. You can count on DrSofa.com for all of your furniture repair NYC needs. Taking the time and effort to restore old furniture is not something that can be successfully done by just anyone. While DIY projects around the house might sound like fun, leaving the work to the professionals will yield much more professional results and will be surprisingly affordable for many people. People just don’t think about restoration services unless they have antiques or family heirlooms that need refinished or repaired. However, any furniture deserves a second chance and when you’re looking to save money, furniture restoration can be the ideal solution.
Whether your sofa needs a slipcover, a complete reupholster or if you have wood furniture that needs sanded and refinished, Dr.Sofa.com can handle all of your needs. Our professional furniture surgeons are specially trained in handling furniture repair NYC no matter what you might need. From restoration and revamping old furniture to all kinds of repair services and even sofa disassembly or other dismantling and reassembly services, you can get it all right here.
Furniture restoration costs only a fraction of what you would spend on new sofas and other pieces for your home, and can be a great way to save money and get more life out of the stuff that you already own. There are so many different furniture repair services throughout the NYC area, but Dr. Sofa will always provide high quality, affordable furniture restoration and NYC furniture repair for customers. Just because your sofa sags or the fabric is torn and worn doesn’t mean that you need new furniture. You can instead have it restored for much less and get many more great years out of the pieces that you already have by making them look new again.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Helping You Make It All Fit in New Jersey

Right across the Hudson from New York lies New Jersey. The northern parts of New Jersey are really a part of the New York City metro area--commonly known as the Tri-State area.  While there are plenty of differences between the areas and residents of the two states, there are also plenty of similarities as well.  Anyone in the Tri-State area will likely find themselves facing a struggle with their furniture when trying to move, leaving them to wonder how they will make their sofa fit?  Moving a sofa, couch or other large item can be difficult, especially when you need to make it fit through a tiny doorway or down a narrow flight of stairs.  Residents in the counties around NYC will likely find that the best option is just to take apart their sofa to move it, and then completely reassemble it once it’s moved.
New Jersey residents, like those in NYC, are well-known for their independence and get-it-done attitude, but couch disassembly requires a lot of skill. You have to remove the upholstery, take apart the sofa piece by piece, and keep track of all the parts.  Once it’s moved you’ll have to completely reassemble the parts and the stretch the upholstery back over it.  While it might sound easy and doable for a handy person, it isn’t. Which is why those in the Tri-State area trust the professionals to handle their furniture moving needs.  If you’re trying to make it fit, DrSofa.com can help you no matter where you live.

Monday, November 3, 2014

How Can I Fix My Broken Wooden Chair?

Solid wood furniture is expensive, but it should last a lifetime with proper care. However, accidents happen, and wood furniture is much cheaper to repair than to replace. At DrSofa.com, we can repair almost any type of damage from cosmetic marks to broken seats while maintaining the furniture's original look and integrity.

Chew Marks and Scratches

We love our birds, cats, dogs and other pets, but they can be incredibly destructive to our furniture. Fortunately, scratches and chew marks are fairly easy to repair. We can often repair shallow marks simply by sanding down the damaged area and applying a fresh coat of stain or paint. For deeper cuts, we'll use a wood filler to cover up the gouge, sand it down, and match the furniture's original stain.

Wobbly Joints

Even high quality pieces of wood furniture can start to wobble after a few decades, but we can often repair them with little more than a tiny dab of glue and some clamps. If your furniture requires more support, we'll use dowels or other mechanical fasteners.

Broken Legs

We can also fix splitting or broken wood. If you knock a chair over and the leg breaks, we can craft an identical leg from the same type of wood, and you won't see any difference. A split chair seat can often be repaired with wood dowels, glue, and some metal brackets.
Unless you're an experienced woodworker, furniture repairs can be extremely difficult and complicated, which is why we recommend hiring a professional wood repair service. At DrSofa.com, we work with many types of wood. Call today to request a free quote, and we'll make your furniture look better than new.