Friday, November 14, 2014

Helping You Make It All Fit in New Jersey

Right across the Hudson from New York lies New Jersey. The northern parts of New Jersey are really a part of the New York City metro area--commonly known as the Tri-State area.  While there are plenty of differences between the areas and residents of the two states, there are also plenty of similarities as well.  Anyone in the Tri-State area will likely find themselves facing a struggle with their furniture when trying to move, leaving them to wonder how they will make their sofa fit?  Moving a sofa, couch or other large item can be difficult, especially when you need to make it fit through a tiny doorway or down a narrow flight of stairs.  Residents in the counties around NYC will likely find that the best option is just to take apart their sofa to move it, and then completely reassemble it once it’s moved.
New Jersey residents, like those in NYC, are well-known for their independence and get-it-done attitude, but couch disassembly requires a lot of skill. You have to remove the upholstery, take apart the sofa piece by piece, and keep track of all the parts.  Once it’s moved you’ll have to completely reassemble the parts and the stretch the upholstery back over it.  While it might sound easy and doable for a handy person, it isn’t. Which is why those in the Tri-State area trust the professionals to handle their furniture moving needs.  If you’re trying to make it fit, can help you no matter where you live.

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