Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What are the Best Furniture Care Tips?

Individuals who have recently bought elegant furniture pieces will undoubtedly want to keep them in great shape through the months and years ahead. With proper care techniques, homeowners can keep their sofas, tables, chairs and beds in immaculate shape. Because furniture items can be constructed from a broad array of fabrics and woods, it is essential that individuals rely on the experts for maintenance. At DrSofa.com, we're equipped to deal with the care and maintenance of all furniture items including upholstered furniture and wood items.

Upholstered Furniture

While nearly all upholstered surfaces can be cleaned, specialized techniques will in many cases be needed. We can assess each and every fabric to ensure that shrinkage does not occur. Likewise, we can assess whether calibrated cleaning methods are needed so that colors do not bleed together. Steel brushes, for instance, can sometimes cause fabrics to fray. Dry-cleaning techniques are best used on delicate fabrics. We are also skilled at sprucing up leather, silk, glazed chintz and antique velvet.

Wood Items

Exposed wood surfaces should be cleaned on a regular basis. By using a reputable furniture polish, homeowners can eliminate dust before it begins to attract moisture. Most couches and chairs should be kept away from direct sunlight. This will protect both the wood surfaces and the soft fabrics. The ultimate goal is to keep furniture pieces in pristine shape for many years.

Manufacturer's Instructions

When in doubt, individuals should also pay particularly close attention to the instructions of the manufacturer. Some pillowcases, for example, must be washed with very specific detergents. Other fabrics may require cold water. At DrSofa.com, we perform a careful assessment of the fabric before moving forward with the cleaning process. We'll consider the fiber type, the condition of the fabric and the level of soil. Interested New York City residents can contact Dr.Sofa for a free quote.

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