Monday, November 3, 2014

How Can I Fix My Broken Wooden Chair?

Solid wood furniture is expensive, but it should last a lifetime with proper care. However, accidents happen, and wood furniture is much cheaper to repair than to replace. At, we can repair almost any type of damage from cosmetic marks to broken seats while maintaining the furniture's original look and integrity.

Chew Marks and Scratches

We love our birds, cats, dogs and other pets, but they can be incredibly destructive to our furniture. Fortunately, scratches and chew marks are fairly easy to repair. We can often repair shallow marks simply by sanding down the damaged area and applying a fresh coat of stain or paint. For deeper cuts, we'll use a wood filler to cover up the gouge, sand it down, and match the furniture's original stain.

Wobbly Joints

Even high quality pieces of wood furniture can start to wobble after a few decades, but we can often repair them with little more than a tiny dab of glue and some clamps. If your furniture requires more support, we'll use dowels or other mechanical fasteners.

Broken Legs

We can also fix splitting or broken wood. If you knock a chair over and the leg breaks, we can craft an identical leg from the same type of wood, and you won't see any difference. A split chair seat can often be repaired with wood dowels, glue, and some metal brackets.
Unless you're an experienced woodworker, furniture repairs can be extremely difficult and complicated, which is why we recommend hiring a professional wood repair service. At, we work with many types of wood. Call today to request a free quote, and we'll make your furniture look better than new.

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