Friday, April 20, 2012

Big Sofa Dosen't Fit in NY apartment,Sofa Disassembly by doctor sofa NY

Getting a big sofa in or out of a small door.
If you have decided to move yourself there are a few things that you need to know, and one of the most important is how to fit a large sofa through a small door.  It can be challenging and sometime frustrating, but with a little patience and a bit of advice (that I will give you now) even the novice can get that sofa out (or in) the door.
First you will need at least 2 tools, including a tape measure and a moving pad (or a large, heavy-duty comforter or blanket). The tape measure is to measure the sofa and also any doors that it needs to pass through. The pad is to safely and easily slide the sofa across the floor if you need to.
Keep in mind that if you are moving OUT of a house any furniture, including sofas, which are already in there, had to go through the doors.  If it got in it can get out!
Begin by measuring the doors that will need to be passed.  If they aren’t big enough one quick thing you can do is remove the door from its hinges and set it aside.  (In extreme cases you can always carefully remove the molding from the door, but this is a LOT of work and can damage the frame.)
Taking any feet off of the sofa will help too, and having a bunch of people with big muscles is a good idea. If the sofa won’t go through straight, as in 1 person on each end, then you may have to stand it on its end and slide it through (thus the need for the blanket).  Lay the blanket, folded, on the floor and place the sofa standing up on one end. With one person stabilizing the sofa another can pull the other end of the blanket slowly and safely through the door.
Remember to take your time, be careful, and use angles to your advantage.  Try several ways and don’t force anything.  If the sofa is overstuffed you can also use a blanket to cover it and carefully force it through without damaging the fabric or the door.  Good luck!

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